Track: 12 - My head is full of that person
Artist: Seirin Side
Album: Shouri E no Kiseki
Plays: 112


Audio clip - Shouri E no Kiseki, Seirin Side (1st evening) - 12 - My head is full of that person (Kagami, Kuroko, Momoi, Alex, Riko)

Source: video and my translation

Kagami is worried about something and confides in Kuroko.  Meanwhile, Momoi, Alex, and Riko talk about a related topic in the bath. 

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  • Kuroko Tetsuya (Teikō)— 155 cm 
  • Aida Riko— 156 cm
  • Akashi Seijūrō (Teikō)— 158 cm 
  • Momoi Satsuki— 161 cm
  • Kuroko Tetsuya— 168 cm 
  • Koganei Shinji— 170 cm
  • Furihata Kōki— 170 cm
  • Kise Ryōta (Teikō)— 171 cm
  • Akashi Seijūrō— 173 cm 
  • Midorima Shintarō (Teikō)— 174 cm
  • Izuki Shun— 174 cm
  • Sakurai Ryō— 175 cm
  • Aomine Daiki (Teikō)— 175 cm
  • Kawahara Kōichi— 175 cm
  • Tōyama Kazuki— 175 cm
  • Tsuchida Satoshi— 176 cm
  • Takao Kazunari— 176 cm
  • Fukui Kensuke— 176 cm
  • Ogiwara Shigehiro— 177 cm
  • Hyūga Junpei— 178 cm
  • Kasamatsu Yukio— 178 cm
  • Hanamiya Makoto— 179 cm
  • Nijimura Shūzō— 179 cm
  • Kasuga Ryūhei— 179 cm
  • Fukuda Hiroshi— 180 cm
  • Imayoshi Shoichi— 180 cm
  • Tsugawa Tomoki— 180 cm
  • Alexandra Garcia— 180 cm
  • Ishida Hideki— 180 cm
  • Hayama Kotarō— 180 cm
  • Moriyama Yoshitaka—  181 cm
  • Nakamura Shinya— 181 cm
  • Aida Kagetora— 181 cm
  • Mayuzumi Chihiro— 182 cm
  • Kawase Yōhei— 182 cm
  • Himuro Tatsuya— 183 cm
  • Mochizuki Kazuhiro— 183 cm
  • Hayakawa Mitsuhiro— 185 cm
  • Mitobe Rinnosuke—186 cm
  • Furuhashi Kōjirō— 186 cm
  • Murasakibara Atsushi (Teikō)— 186 cm
  • Kimura Shinsuke— 187 cm
  • Iwamura Tsutomu— 187 cm
  • Sakuma Hiroshi— 187 cm
  • Mibuchi Reo— 188 cm
  • Haizaki Shōgo— 188 cm
  • Hara Kazuya— 188 cm
  • Tsubuku Masahiro— 188 cm
  • Kobayshi Keisuke— 188 cm
  • Kise Ryōta— 189 cm
  • Kagami Taiga— 190 cm
  • Susa Yoshinori— 190 cm
  • Seto Kentarō— 190 cm
  • Nebuya Eikichi— 190 cm
  • Miyaji Kiyoshi— 191 cm
  • Kobori Kōji— 192 cm
  • Aomine Daiki— 192 cm
  • Wakamatsu Kōsuke— 193 cm
  • Kiyoshi Teppei— 193 cm
  • Narumi Daisuke— 194 cm
  • Midorima Shintarō— 195 cm 
  • Ōtsubo Taisuke— 198 cm
  • Papa Nbaye Shiki— 200 cm
  • Okamura Kenichi— 200 cm
  • Liu Wei— 203 cm
  • Murasakibara Atsushi— 208 cm
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"…I can’t stop listening to this song. This is bad." 

Munday Ooc Questions
  • 1:Why did you start role playing?
  • 2:What made you choose your muse?
  • 3:Is there anything challenging about writing your muse?
  • 4:Is there anything enjoyable about writing your muse?
  • 5:What has been your favourite thread?
  • 6:Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves?
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  • 8:If you knew your muse in RL would you be friends or enemies?
  • 9:Is there a certain writing style or colloquialisms you have to use for you muse that changes from your own?
  • 10:Have you picked up any of your muses habits
  • 11:[Canon] Is your character major/minor and did this have any influence in your decision to play them?
  • 12:[Canon] Do you feel you stick to canon characteristics of your muse?
  • 13:[Canon] Did you make any changes to your muses timeline/background?
  • 14:[Canon] Was there anything that made this muse difficult to work with ,i.e canon death/canon location?
  • 15:[Canon] Do you play/interact with the canon character differently now that you roleplay them?
  • 16:[OC] What gave you the inspiration for your muse?
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  • 18:[OC] Was their background decided from the start or developed over time?
  • 19:[OC] Does your character have any canon routes or is their background self created?
  • 20:[OC] How did you choose their name?
  • coccum-tigris:

    ❝—Handy work? I didn’t see you in America with Alex. ❞


    "Hey, I’m not saying Alex isn’t amazing for what she did with you. Because she is. But I’m still admiring your progress under my tutelage as well."


    ❝—Coach, you’re being creepy again.


    "Wha— I’m not being creepy! I’m just proud of my handiwork." 

    My muse has left their old, brown leather book somewhere by accident. It looks like it’s seen years of wear and tear, and upon opening it you muse discovers that it’s full of wishes that never came true and times in their life when they were hurt/alone/sad. Send me a “✝” to read a wish or sad memory (specify which.) from the book.

    Oh Riko’s daydreaming. What could she be daydreaming about? “Hm~ Those quadriceps are really coming along nicely.” Oh.