Neither of them realized that Kuroko was standing right there and he wasn’t dumb enough to announce his presence.

My muse is chowing down on a box of pocky and your muse seems to have a sudden craving for the chocolate covered treat! (or perhaps my muses’ lips?~) Send “Chomp!” for my muse’s reaction to yours biting the other end of the pocky stick!


Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.

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OKAY SO. I keep hittin’ milestones and I suck at giveaways cause I’m still drawing or hating everything I do so — yap. You’ll be waiting for a while longer, sorry.

On another note, I love each and every one of you, you’re amazing and I love ya’ll with all m’heart. 

I don’t really see me being all that great I just love writing and sharing stories with people who share the same hobby. I love finding people who put up with my muses and I just love it when I wake up with headcanons or just general cutiepies in my askbox. 

You might life worth living, in my eyes.

So thank you. So, so soooo much. u wu

Also happy easter.

umbradextra - - Yuki. Ur grounded. I’ve loved your Kusanagi since I first followed you and boy, do I love them more now. I love how Renji is so fuckin’ confused with Kusanagi, yet his dick says yes but his brain says waitwhat. It’s amazing, you’re amazing. Your writing makes me giggle and butterflies squiggle with each reply and heckie; I have so much fun with you. Thank you. ♥

unguibusx - - BAE. -Kisses u with the power of a thousand suns.- I really don’t know what to say because, you’ve probably know it all but imma sa it anyway because I just love you. You’re amazing, fantastic, brilliant. Your portrayal of Eren is just adorable. Not gunna lie, Eren wasn’t my favourite in the anime series nor manga, but jesus you’ve made me like him so hardcore because wow — pretty sure you’re Eren. Also thanks for putting up with Jiyuna’s yandere. ouob ♥

cadejomutt - - Babymommmaaaa. Our little breadloaves with legs be walking now. I love it. Thank for putting up with moody mard Beschu. I know he is hard to understand and read, but thanks to you I’ve really come far in how he’d be as a Father figure and a General Hell Hound at that. You’re amazing with your blogs, you’re cadejo species weren’t even known to me, but wow — I’m totally interested in them. Thank you for enlightening me to a new thing and with your writing. I’ve never wanted to adopt anybodies Muses so bad. I like the sisters and I can’t wait to see the other Cadejo’s soon. ily ♥

ignitethecigarette - - Your words wll always, always remind me to never be scared or nervous of interacting with someone. You are a like a star in the sky for me. We’ve only spoken a little but what you said to be was like a tattoo to the brain and I really appreciate that. Thank you so much for taking that time to talk to my lame ass in asks. I really mean that. Thank you. ♥

yatamisaki-chan - - aaaay cutie pieee; apple of m’eye. Stop. Being. Cute. It’s so hard… to be… in love with you. You are majestic as a fluffy rabbit in a field of golden candy eggs. You’re just so cute. Sure, you’ve had your bad days but I know you’re just venting. You’re so strong and so bright, I know I don’t need to say anything to you because you’re fantastic at getting yourself back on track. You’re amazing, never forget that, never, ever forget that. You are sitting here today, because of You. You are precious. Keep continue to flood my ask box with that cuteness. -Chu- ♥

darkkou - - BBY. AAH. AAAAAAAAAAAH. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. You’re back. My baby’s back. Mama Tala was so worried, so sad and vury ronerly without you. But now that you’re back, my sun is bright and shining. I can’t wait to rp with you again, can’t wait to spam you again and I can’t wit to shower you in all my love because you’re so great. aaah, welcome back m’lil’duckling. ♥

stallions-remorse - - dUDE. Can Jean and Jiyuna be my BRotp? yea? good, gunna be anyway. Sure, we don’t rp much just yet, but omg, everything you send me and I send you for ask memes is just precious. You’ve got Jiyuna down to a T in one ask. I’ve never seen people do that before. Your Jean’s great, I love you’re writing and I can wait to rp with you more. ;  u; ♥

sordasdolor - - DEAF APE. ♥ I have never had so much fun playing a Mute muse before. I’ve never been able to go this indepth, this long in an rp between a DEAF MAN AND A MUTE DUDE. It’s a struggle, sometimes — no that’s a lie. HOW DO WE GO FROM ONE LINERS TO 6 PARAGRAPHS? Why it is us? We just spark something between our muses and shit, we’re slaves to their wants and needs. I love your writing, I love your Nic and I just love you. ; A ; Thank you so much in easing me and introducing me to the GANGSTA fandom. ♥

akagenki - - Did you know… You were the first person to rp with me when I made my old multimuse blog? You were the first person to send me an Ask Meme and intereact with Baby Jiyuna. I’ve never noticed it until now, but you were essentially — My First Follower. And look at this now… you’re still god damn following my lame ass. i LOVE IT. I’m so happy to know this now, it makes me feel old and fuck but I feel proud to know that I’ve been able to keep people interested for this long. You’re a fantastic writer, your Shouhei is adorable and I want to pinch his cheeks and thank you for putting up with Hyperactive Renji all the time. Thank you. ♥

kabu-the-yakuza - - My one and only Husband. Nico is a fabulous, fabulous rper. I love his threads so much and them as a person, is just amazing. I love their Kabu, I love them and I really enjoy being able to rp with such a serious character with a fucking pillock Assassin like Usui. I really don’t know how you haven’t shot him yet but seriously. I love it. Thank you for rping with and just being a great person oocly. ♥

Thank you all, seriously. It makes my time here amazingly awesome knowing that I have made friends all over the world when I can’t even talk to my irl friends all the time.

I’ve learnt and slowly shipped a lot of things I didn’t want. Fuckers.

You’re all adorable. I love each and every one of you. If I haven’t mentioned you, don’t cry — I’ve probably forgotten your URL or I am still currently stalking your blogs and threads to see if any of my muses are interested in rping with you. love you all, kay?

No order cuz fuck that; ♥

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♥ I love you all, so thank you so much. ♥

Anonymous :
Just how angry would Riko get if Akashi ever harmed Kuroko?

Well you know, the general consensus is that Riko hates Hanamiya for what he did to Teppei and Hanamiya wasn’t even the one who broke his knee. Although I feel like I exaggerate that a bit sometimes— It’s always hard to tell how angry Riko really is. So naturally, she would be very very pissed off if Akashi ever harmed Kuroko. He, like all the other players, are under her care and she already gets very panicked over the idea of any of them getting hurt. 

I don’t think there would be any reconciliation after that, especially not with knowing the whole backstory as seen through Teiko arc. 

Anonymous :
8 - I think you understand your character very well and fine, the only thing that detaches you from your character are AUs, but tossing that aside and not caring about it, then hell you deserve a higher number than a 10!

hhhhhh— Yeah admittedly, that is something I worry about from time to time. A lot of my understanding of Riko is pulled from canon knowledge of her so it’s kind of difficult to know what parts of her stays the same and what changes when those elements are taken away. 

But ah— thank you for your honesty ;u; I’m glad to know I’m doing well still

*Stamps perfect 10*

whoa there friend you might need to slow down

Red String of Fate

44. Our muses are destined for each other after one lends the other a red scarf for warmth.

Riko stared at the red wool scarf curled up on her desk. It clearly didn’t belong to her although she had gotten quite used to wearing as the days grew colder. How long had it been now? At least just over a week. And she knew she had to return it. But it still mystified her that he even gave the scarf in the first place, especially considering how— aggressive their relationship already was. 

No, she wasn’t going to keep it any longer. It still smelled like him and she was sure the smell was going to travel to the rest of her clothing. “…I’ll call him— No, I’ll text him. Yeah that’s what I’ll do.” Time to be brave.

To: Ahomine 

Yo! I still have your scarf. When do you want me to give it back by the way?