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six similarities between muse and mun: 

  • A passion for muscles and athleticism is very important. As are video games.
  • Intelligent and very analytical, although these traits tend to be focused on the observation of other people.
  • A terrible love for all things cute, especially cute animals and plushies.
  • We both have a tendency to be a little overdramatic sometimes or just saying weird things that makes sense to us. 
  • And let’s not forget a blantant obliviousness when it comes to matters of love and romance. (Team Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the rescue!)

six differences between mun and muse: 

  • Our appearances are totally different like there is no way you could confuse me for Riko based on appearances.
  • Also age difference because I am technically an adult now and she’s forever a high school student cries
  • I’m typically very calm or at least I tend not to blow up as easily as she does to the point where people call me aloof.
  • My interest in sports is actually minimal at best although I do get pretty pumped when I’m watching a game and my team is winning. 
  • I can actually cook or at the very least, something I’ve made hasn’t turned out super terrible. Just maybe a little overseasoned. 
  • I can’t knit even though I want to learn.

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Best coach and bae of the winter cup ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

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Omg you're back yes

ehehe well school has started for me over here so unfortunately I won’t be online that much. I’m so sorry about this, especially to the people I owe replies to. orz

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I’m still screaming about our TG AU too aLL THE AU’S U THINK UP MAKE ME WANNA DIE AYA

oopsie daisy 

what can i say, i’m a master of the most terrible au’s for riko ahahaha


basically yeah isn’t it a beautiful idea 

and by beautiful i mean doesn’t it make you want to die because it does for me

ok so like a couple of things about this part of the spread

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"rIKO-NEE NO IT’S NOT WORTH IT" wenhe is homura in looks but is probs kyoko minus the badassery

riko can’t hear you because she’s gonna do the thing

truth be told, i always imagine riko being homura in a madoka situation. like imagine it. riko makes a wish to get her boys to be number one in all of japan and gives up coaching to be a magical girl. except the problem is that they all split up without her because she was the glue to hold the team together

so she keeps having to reset the timeline to get it right, never realizing that what they needed was her. 

♣ - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)

There are three boys in particular that she finds the most embarrassing to be around. Funny considering that they happen to be the ones she hangs around the most. Whether it’s Hyuuga’s obsession with his warlord figurines or Izuki’s puns or Teppei’s general derpiness, they all embarrass Riko to no end. It doesn’t really say much about Riko however, considering she chose to be friends with them.